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Writing Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

  • Writing like a Scientist, Writing workshop for graduate students, Bryn Mawr College, Date TBA

Workshops about Writing and Teaching

  • The Write Stuff: Writing Beyond the Journal Article, SUNY Albany, 10 November 2021

  • To Be All Flame, Exploring Fiery Themes in Your Writing, Chestnut Hill College, 7 December 2019

  • Practical Notes: Developing a writing practice as a working chemist, American Chemical Society, March 2018  

  • The bones of chemistry, in Crafting Chemical Communication symposium at ACS National Meeting, August 2016

  • Combatting chemophobia and pseudoscience, AAAS meeting, February 2016

  • How to work at the subtle edge: What contemplatives can teach scientists, Meditation, TechnoScience and Humanity, 30 October 2015, Barcelona, Spain​

  • ​​Teaching students to write like a chemist, NSF REU PI workshop, July 2015

  • Contemplative pedagogy, half-day workshop, Wesleyan University, February 2015

  • Practical & Impractical, afternoon workshop on contemplative approaches to teaching, Chestnut Hill College, October 2014

  • Scientists Writing Science: Beyond Grant Proposals, Journal Articles and Internal Reports, Association for Women in Science, Philadelphia, 17 October 2013

  • Practically Impractical, workshop on contemplative stance in the science classroom, Contemplative Pedagogy in the Classroom workshop at Selkirk College, Selkirk, BC, Canada, July 9-13, 2013

  • Writing Like a Scientist, workshop for undergraduate chemists at American Chemical Society National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 7 April 2013 

  • Writing and the contemplative mind, George Mason University, October 2011

  • Why scientists should write: early and often, A*STAR Chemistry Club, Singapore, October 2010




  • Writing With Others with Maria Gallardo-Williams, NC State University, Faculty Forum, August 2021.

  • A workshop on writing, George Mason University, Center for Consciousness and Transformation, October 2010

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